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I'm here to listen to your story. 

I know firsthand the frustrations of having health challenges without satisfactory answers, support, or progress. It can be worrisome and isolating, and get in the way of you living your purpose. 


Working Together

Having the time to tell your story is essential on the path to optimal health. I listen carefully to your health history and use a functional approach to identify dysfunctions, predisposing genetic factors, environmental toxicities, psychosocial burden, triggers for dis-ease and obstacles to healing.


Within this model of medicine, we look at the connections between body systems, lifestyle, and food to identify the root cause of your concern.

my "why"

My purpose is to empower you to live your life fulfilled. 

I focus on maximizing cognitive performance, mental wellness, and quality of life for purpose-driven people.










Nervous System



Individualized Treatment

After testing and assessment, your individualized treatment plan may consist of a therapeutic diet, lifestyle modifications, mind-body exercises, evidence-based supplementation, traditional therapies, and physical modalities to support your health actualization. We work together to set goals and troubleshoot challenges through regular follow ups and alterations to treatments to reflect your progress.


Dr. Cassie Irwin

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Cassie uses a functional approach to diagnostics that incorporates the latest medical research and a treatment model that acknowledges the connections between body systems. 


In her practice, Dr. Cassie focuses on identifying the underlying cause of dysfunction to maximize cognitive performance, mental wellness and quality of life for those with chronic disease. Her individualized treatments incorporate traditional and evidence-based interventions that target diet and lifestyle as key areas for optimization.

Optimal health is a lifelong commitment,

and you and I work as a team.

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My Fullest Expression

I move by dancing, both in ballet slippers onstage and barefoot in the kitchen. I recharge by forest-bathing and delight in "komorebi," which is the Japanese concept of sunlight filtering through the leaves of trees and creating a sort of dance between them. I time-travel to the days of Lucy Maud Montgomery and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and savour the scent of old books. When tending to my native botanical garden, I feel eternally in awe of Nature’s quiet wisdom.