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Bowen Therapy

Relax. Relieve pain. Regain function.

Bowen therapy can help relieve chronic pain, correct dysfunction, and reduce stress.

This gentle soft tissue therapy encourages the body to shift out of the "fight or flight" mode of day-to-day stressors to allow healing to take place.

What is Bowen therapy?

Bowen therapy uses a sequence of precise moves on certain muscles, tendons, ligaments & nerves to elicit the relaxation response from the autonomic nervous system. 


Bowen can assist in making physiological changes to lessen pain, promote relaxation, and improve wellbeing.

Who can benefit?

Where there is pain, dysfunction, and stress, Bowen therapy can help.


I've seen remarkable results for anxiety, sciatica, migraine, headache, back pain, dizziness, muscle tension and endometriosis.

How does it work?

Bowen works primarily on the autonomic nervous system, which controls over 80% of your body's function. By activating certain stretch reflexes, joint proprioceptors, and fascia layers, this therapy sends signals to the brain to reduce pain, normalize problem areas and rebalance the body.

Relax. Relieve pain. Regain function. 

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