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Performance Optimization

seminars for your company, association, and team

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Your Brain on Aging

How to preserve what you've got and capitalize on neuroplasticity to sport an even healthier brain throughout life. 

Finding Motivation in the Overwhelm

How to stay engaged and focused despite over-scheduling, deadlines, and the elusive concept of work-life balance.

The Stress-Pain Connection

The science is in; chronic stress aggravates pain and vice versa. Learn how to mitigate your stress so you can be fully engaged and functioning at your best.

Migraine Management: What's Your Type?

Find out what type of migraine you're predisposed to so you can reduce your sick days and spend more days doing what you love.

Mindfulness for the wired and tired

Easy, evidence-based

tips on incorporating mindfulness exercises in your day – they're as quick as your hurried coffee break. 

Exceeding the target

How to maximize cognitive performance and productivity to exceed targets and make your business flourish.

Wonder women

Your hormones are your best friend. Learn how to capitalize on your hormonal health to improve confidence, productivity and focus. 

Community connection 

Dive into the science on the impact of community and supportive relationships on well-being. 

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