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Fatigue & Chronic Illness

No amount of sleep can help you feel alert. You'd love to be doing the things you used to have the energy for, but all of your resources are diverted to just making it through the day.


Or you might be managing a chronic illness. You might have had blood work that all came back "normal," or have been told that there's "no treatment" for what you have. No amount of prescriptions can blow away the brain fog, relieve joint pain, and wake you up from unrelenting fatigue. 


Where a Naturopathic Doctor fits in to your healthcare team lies in identifying underlying dysfunctions that are causing your fatigue and illness in the first place. We excel at giving you the time to tell your story, and the supports to help you manage.


Conditions that can benefit from naturopathic medicine include:

+ Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

+ Chronic Stress

+ Mold / Mycotoxin Toxicity

+ Epstein Barr Infection

+ Lyme Disease

+ Fibromyalgia

+ Depression

+ Multiple Sclerosis

+ Insomnia

+ Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

You may benefit from:

+ Functional Medicine Assessment

+ Screening for Inflammatory Markers

+ Food Sensitivity Testing

+ Stool Analysis

+ Viral Screening

+ Lyme Screening

+ Mold Testing

+ Individualized Nutrition

+ Targeted Supplementation

+ Bowen Therapy



Tired of being tired?

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