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Healthy Aging

Invest in your future self. 

Working with a Naturopathic Doctor can help make your vision of a happy and healthy retirement a reality. Making positive diet and lifestyle choices now can prevent against common age-related diseases. Optimize your cognitive health, heart health, and musculoskeletal health so that you can maintain your independence for years to come.


Naturopathic medicine can help reduce your risk of:

+ Dementia

+ Alzheimer's

+ Heart Attack

+ Stroke

+ Diabetes

+ Osteoporosis

+ Sarcopenia (muscle wasting)

+ Arthritis

+ Sleep Apnea

You may benefit from:

+ Functional Medicine Assessment

+ Screening for Inflammatory Markers

+ Screening for Diabetes and Cardiometabolic Syndrome

+ Stool Analysis

+ Individualized Nutrition

+ Targeted Supplementation

+ Exercise Prescription

+ Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture



Invest in your future

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